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Muskoka Paving Services


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Comprehensive Paving Services

We have the skills, experience and resources to provide a complete range of high-quality commercial and residential paving and repair services quickly and efficiently throughout Muskoka.

Residential Driveway Paving

We’re experts in installing, resurfacing and maintaining driveways and paved areas around your home.

If you need a new driveway, an extension to an existing drive or a new surface to refresh worn paving or cover existing gravelled areas, we can provide a high-quality, cost-effective solution.

You may just need effective repairs to cracked or damaged surfaces. We’ll take care of any problems quickly and efficiently to restore your asphalt paving back to its best.

Commercial Asphalt Paving

We have the experience and resources to handle small or large-scale commercial paving projects from parking lots, forecourts and sidewalks to neighborhood streets and busy main roads and highways.

We work quickly and efficiently to complete projects in busy public areas with the minimum of disruption.

We work with you to plan the most effective solution for a safe, long-lasting black top paving surface before carrying out expert site preparation and installation to recognized quality standards.

Surface and Crack Sealing

Surface cracks can ruin the appearance of paving, risk further deterioration and create potential safety hazards.

The problems can worsen after a harsh winter or periods of extreme weather that are becoming more frequent.

Our experts have the specialist materials and tools to assess damage and complete efficient repairs.

Even if paving is in good condition, we can prevent future damage and extend surface life by treating the surface with protective asphalt sealing.

Patchwork and Repairs

It’s important to repair potholes, worn surfaces, sinkholes, sunken or raised catch basins and other potential hazards quickly before they deteriorate further, leading to expensive repair bills.

Our specialist paving maintenance teams can carry out expert remedial work, using skilled asphalt patching techniques to ensure seamless repairs and prolong the life of the paved area.

Patchwork is also useful for extending existing paved areas such as asphalt driveways or parking spaces quickly and cost effectively.

Residential Concrete Paving

In addition to our asphalt-surfacing services, we can provide concrete surfaces for residential drives, pathways and paved areas such as patios or bases for outbuildings.

We can also handle small or large commercial concreting projects.

We follow the same strict procedures of careful site preparation and strong sub-bases as a firm foundation for a smooth finish and long life.

Tennis Courts and Sports Surfaces

We have experience in the installation and repair of tennis courts, basketball courts and other outdoor sports surfaces for residential, commercial and community customers.

We build new sports surfaces on firm foundations using specialist equipment and measuring techniques to ensure level, dimensionally accurate, top-quality, long-lasting finishes for occasional recreational or intense commercial use.

We can also repair damaged sports surfaces or protect them with specialist seals to reduce the effects of wear.