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Serving the Cottage Country

For many years, we’ve provided homeowners and landlords throughout Cottage Country with an efficient personal service to meet all their paving needs.

We build new drives and pathways, extend existing paved areas, and repair and resurface worn or damaged surfaces to enhance their appearance and add value to your property.

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    Residential Paving Services

    You can be confident that you’re dealing with specialists in residential driveway paving who use premium quality materials, the latest equipment, and proven processes to provide a first-class for your project.

    Residential Asphalt Driveway Paving

    Your driveway is an important part of your home – not just for parking cars, but as a welcoming access point to your property.

    We can help you create a driveway that’s functional, attractive, and durable.

    We use the best quality aggregates to create a firm sub-base for the drive before topping it with premium asphalt for a smooth, aesthetically pleasing appearance that’s tough enough to survive regular daily use and the worst of the Ontario weather.

    Residential Driveway Upgrades and Maintenance

    Drives and pathways can deteriorate over time due to normal wear and tear or the effects of weather.

    Cracks can allow water in, damaging the surface and sub-base, while surface damage can look unsightly and pose safety hazards.

    We can restore your drive and pathways to top condition with skilled crack filling and patching or complete resurfacing.

    To prevent future damage, we can apply special protective surface coatings to extend the life of the drive.

    Professional Residential Paving. Why Choose Pavers Muskoka?

    Local Residential Paving Company

    We’re a local independent company dedicated to the highest standards of service. We understand Muskoka’s terrain and weather, so we can provide specialist advice on the best paving solution for your property.

    Experienced Professionals

    Our paving specialists will discuss your requirements and provide recommendations to achieve the best results. They will work quickly and efficiently to complete the work, minimizing disturbance to your daily life.

    Premium Materials and Processes

    We complete all residential paving projects – large or small – using premium aggregates and the latest paving techniques. Our teams undergo regular training to keep up to date with new materials and processes.

    Affordable Residential Paving

    We offer competitive prices and a guarantee on new asphalt driveways, extensions, coating or repairs so you can be confident of a paving solution that represents true value for money.